1. Dog's Bodies: A Love Story

A young woman shows up at Andrew MacCrimmon’s country home claiming her mother, a friend of his, has been murdered. Then in rapid sequence, a letter arrives saying his wife, Karen, has left him for another man; his friend Herb Dodds-Boughty is murdered; and a man breaks into his house bent on assassinating him. MacCrimmon finds two common denominators in this: an old lover named Abby Durant, a woman erotically obsessed with him for over twenty-years; and a hundred acre parcel of land south of Santa Rosa he owns that Abby has been desperate to get her hands on. There are more deaths—he was seconds away from being one of them—before he finds who was involved, what they wanted, and why it all happened.

3. Hammerjack

San Francisco is shocked when the incinerated body of John “HammerJack” Marteau, the linebacker for the Fortyniners, is found in his burned out SUV at the bottom of a ravine. Andrew MacCrimmon has other problems—he is recovering from a four month bout of morbid depression following a near-fatal gunshot wound, and his marriage is disintegrating—but he is drawn into the case when a chance encounter with Marteau’s dental tech convinces him the body is not Marteau’s, that this is a life insurance scam. If so, whose body is it? And who’s involved? In the end, the conspirators strongly resent his meddling.

5. The Rose and Woodbine Twined

Thomas Waine has a job for Edward Riss: participate in the fake kidnapping of his wife, Solange. Waine plans to pay a huge ransom then declare bankruptcy, thus avoiding taxes and massive debts. Andrew MacCrimmon becomes involved after meeting Riss’s wife while working on another case. She tells him she fears for her husband’s life. MacCrimmon reluctantly looks into it in spite of marital problems of his own.

The fake kidnapping goes off as planned, but Solange disappears with the entire ransom, which is not part of the plan. When Riss’s body shows up in Golden Gate Park, MacCrimmon goes on the hunt for the stolen ransom and for Riss’s murderer. He ends up finding a lot more than he bargained for.

7. Where the Dead Walk

Someone is killing San Francisco’s homeless at the rate of one a week. When a homeless man Dr. Andrew MacCrimmon has befriended is killed, he says enough is enough. Having nothing to lose—his wife, Karen, has left him to live with a lawyer—he goes on the streets himself as a homeless man to lure in the killers. After weeks of boredom, humiliation, and physical discomfort, he succeeds—with fatal consequences.

9. The Second Grave

After Dr. Andrew MacCrimmon exposes Aron Woode’s homicidal rampage and sends him into hiding Woode vows bloody revenge. When an innocent bystander is murdered with a straight razor, MacCrimmon realizes a family member of his was the actual target. He arranges protection for his family and goes on the hunt for Woode. That's when things get complicated.

11. The Third Jeopardy

Early one San Francisco September morning the 9-1-1 operator takes a call from Oliver Hamelin, an unscrupulous and widely reviled businessman, who claims he killed his wife. He had, but he won’t tell the police why. He eventually pleads guilty to second degree murder. But after being sentenced to prison for fifteen years he informs his lawyer that a DVD he received in the mail showing his wife having sex with a young man drove him to kill her. The lawyer says this is grounds for reducing his conviction to voluntary manslaughter with as little as two-years prison time. But the DVD is not to be found. Andrew MacCrimmon enters the case, charged with locating it. He does, but in the process he finds there’s much more to the case than a man killing his wife in a jealous rage—financial shenanigans in the many millions of dollars. The major players have already killed one person, and they’re determined to kill MacCrimmon before he can divulge what he knows.

13. Two Faces of Gold

When the mother of MacCrimmon’s infant daughter is drowned, it is rumored she was killed by members of her late husband’s cartel looking for his stash of gold. At first MacCrimmon is more concerned with his daughter, who has gone missing, taken by her nurse. But when his good friend Father Gus is murdered while investigating property they jointly own outside of the dusty little desert town of Mecca, he is certain Gus had stumbled on the gold. When he sneaks onto the property at night he finds the current occupants may not have found the gold themselves, but they are willing to kill anyone who comes looking for it, including him.

2. The Stone Mason's Daughter

When Theresa Rastovich, the only daughter of the vicious Russian gangster, Viktor Rastovich, is abducted, the kidnapper’s demands are at first strange, at times even farcical.

But when Rastovich fails to comply with a particularly unreasonable demand, the kidnapper sends the distraught father a toe, which he identifies as his daughter’s. At this point Andrew MacCrimmon and Harley David enter the case. When they finally identify the kidnapper, the situation takes a bizarre turn, culminating in a chaotic gun battle in an alley behind a massage parlor leaving MacCrimmon fighting for his life.

4. The Sacred and the Profane

After Andrew MacCrimmon’s wife, Karen, leaves him for the sixth time, he reconnects with Claudia Franchini, a woman obsessed with him since their fiery affair, twenty-four years earlier. When Claudia complains that a man named Shally Behr is stalking her, MacCrimmon investigates.

He finds that Behr is not only stalking her, but is also carrying on an affair with the wife of Marvin Millman, a wealthy stockbroker. MacCrimmon warns Millman that Behr and his wife are planning to kill him, but he laughs it off, a fatal error. When MacCrimmon and Claudia expose the murderers, Behr first wreaks, then suffers, gory revenge.

6. Palimpsest

Dr. Andrew MacCrimmon, having surprised his wife, Karen, in bed with her personal trainer, takes a long drive to give her time to move out. Outside of Lone Pine, he is mugged and left to die in the desert. Bob Seibel, a bar owner, rescues him, and, in return, MacCrimmon tends bar for Bob while he and his wife are on vacation.

Señora Lena Montoya, the runaway wife of a Tijuana drug lord, meets MacCrimmon and falls in love with him.  Her husband finds out, and has MacCrimmon kidnapped and taken to Tijuana to be tortured and killed. He escapes and returns to San Francisco. When he interrogates Karen’s trainer he finds the situation was not at all what it seemed.

8. Things in the Seed

Adam Forsythe has been in prison for five-years for a murder Andrew MacCrimmon is
convinced he didn’t commit. When MacCrimmon re-opens the case  looking for the real murderer, Adam’s ex-wife, Lorie; his brother, Damian; even Adam himself, discourage his interference.

Why Adam would want to stay in prison whets MacCrimmon’s curiosity. As he digs deeper into the case, someone’s efforts to discourage him become much more forceful.

10. Away So Hasty

May 8th, Shelby Worthen dining with her husband, Stanley, goes to the restroom, but never returns— vanishes without a trace. Six weeks later, June 17th, a battered corpse wearing Shelby's shirt and bracelet washes up on the rocks below Bodega Head. That same day MacCrimmon's wife, Karen, and his son, Alex, disappear, leaving signs of a hasty departure, but no message. Two days later, Lena Montoya, the beautiful widow of a Mexican drug lord, who is obsessed with MacCrimmon (for reasons he's never understood) shows up at his Nob Hill home. MacCrimmon, always suspicious of coincidences, uncovers connections among the cases, but too late for the people who have been murdered along the way.

12. The Countess of Bassigny

While dining on Valentine’s Day, a tall handsome man approaches Karen and MacCrimmon, introduces himself as Philippe Agneau de la Roche, the Count of Bassigny, and lavishly praises Karen’s beauty, clearly enchanted by her. Over the following weeks the count approaches her several times. When he meets with Karen and MacCrimmon and proposes that she leave her husband and become the Countess of Bassigny, she refuses him outright. But the count persists, and when he asks her to have dinner with him at his penthouse, Karen knows it’s unwise, but angry at MacCrimmon for visiting Lena Montoya, she agrees. When she wakes up the next morning, naked, next to Count Philippe, also naked, she knows her life is about to change dramatically.

14. Among The Lost

While on a Caribbean cruise Andrew MacCrimmon uncovers a plot by a man named Thomas Padgett to kill his wife and replace her with her twin sister. When MacCrimmon confronts him, Padgett, a giant of a man, carries him bodily to the rail and drops him in the ocean. An old man who witnesses this tosses MacCrimmon a life ring.

After floating two days in the Caribbean he is rescued near death by Cuban fishermen. After enduring nine months in a Cuban prison suspected of being a Yanqui spy, MacCrimmon, skeletally thin, severely malnourished, and worm infested, escapes to Florida where he learns his wife, Karen, thinking he is dead, has remarried. Before he rebuilds his life, MacCrimmon has two goals: to regain his health and fitness; and to find and kill Thomas Padgett.